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Re: [ST] Vibration & wrong tune

>Yep, I also have sky king frame sliders.  However, I've had them on for
>quite some time now.  I didn't notice any vibrations back when I installed
>them.  I have checked the torque settings on them a couple of times now.

FWIW the problem started on mine during a week long trip - riding along in
the Spring sunshine in Southern France, beautiful scenery, no other traffic,
bends for miles, etc, bike running a treat, smooth, just dial in a speed on
the throttle and it's there, effortless, in short everything  pretty much OK
in the world.
 Then suddenly it started, coming into a downhill bend.
One minute it was a 400 mile/day can't wait to get back on it again bike,
next minute it was a buzzy vibrating 50 mile max thrash it  and bung it in
the garage and forget it bike.
At the time I did all the obvious checks with what tools I had with me, like
what's come loose/broken off.
Nursed it for a bit waiting for the bang which didn't come.
Letting it cool off a bit helped for a few miles.
Got back to the UK confident that Triumph would sort the problem under
I am now 3 months older and a little wiser.
Short of a complete engine out strip I checked most things out. Contact me
off site if you want the details.
Hope you get it sorted

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