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Re: [ST] buyout the total or walk away

The process for buy back is a little different than I heard from the
adjuster.  It sounds like I may be able to get it for less but I am
still finding out the details as I get passed down the chain.  The most
recent person I talked to said they will just ask a wrecking yard what
they will pay for it and offer it to me at the same price.  Thats the
scenario I am hoping for.

If I am able to get it back for a lot less I would actually consider
making it a streetfighter as well.


On Saturday, August 17, 2002, at 05:22  AM, Lex Offer wrote:

 > I Think they are trying to screw you.  Because last year a buddy of
 > mine at my bike shop bought a totaled 99 Sprint ST from an insurance
 > company with almost exactly the same damage for $100.00.  He pulled
 > all the broken fairing bits off, bought a new radiator and oil cooler.
 >  Attached those along with a headlight off a 4wheeler (don't mean a
 > car) and is riding it as a streetfighter.

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