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Re: [ST] Crossing over

On Saturday, August 17, 2002, at 07:32  pm, Ken Haylock [Emerplym Ltd] 

> ...which is me with a camera on the tank of the ST doing some miles round
> the Isle of Man TT course. Sorry about the cheesy soundtrack. You'll 
> notice
> that the lines I'm taking are generally about maximising my view, although
> in doing so I'm trying not to compromise my safety, which is the priority 
> of
> course.

Nice steady line round Ramsey hairpin.

It reminds me of a vid of Steve Hislop doing a TT lap with a voice over 
which gets back to the origin of this thread, crossing the centre to 
improve line. At various points on the circuit he says things like "the 
next three corners can be taken as one if you know the right line" while 
the white lines veer from side to side below him. And yes I know that's an 
experienced rider on a closed road.


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