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Re: [ST] Mesh riding pants now

"Rich N. Phat" <rich_triumph@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dragin' Jeans might be OK,

Dragin' Jeans are better than nothing, but personal experience let me know
that the serious rug burn you get from kevlar rubbing on skin is only a
degree away from road rash.  Also the lack of armor can allow for some very
interesting and extensive bruising.


I now ride wearing Triumph perforated leather pants.  I can vouch for how
well they protect from both road rash and bruising from my street luge at
the 2001 Eastern Rallye.

Damn!  I seem to be accident prone.  BTW, my eye has healed nicely and I am
riding again, doing 220+ miles yesterday.  I may be taking corners slow and
deliberate, but I know I'm very out of practice and don't want to push it.

Also BTW, other than the perforated leather pants I was wearing the IXS mesh
jacket I bought in Lucerne on vacation last summer.  I still like it a lot,
but wish it was a color that wasn't as hot (black).  A friend I was riding
with yesterday was wearing the Phoenix with a very interesting shirt
underneath.  It is a special material designed to wick moisture away from
your skin and let air pass through, made by Starters.  He got it at Walmart.
I bought one yesterday to try it for under $9 and wore it to the gym
lastnight for my workout (gotta get them muscles back in shape for riding,
and my injured hand from last year is still hurting but the exercise is
really starting to help).  I can vouch for how well the shirt works in that

Next time I ride I'll be wearing my Dri-Star shirt under my IXS mesh jacket
for ultimate comfort.  In fact, I think I'll go back to Walmart and buy a
few more shirts.

Now I need to find something appropriate to wear under the leather pants.
Bicycle shorts maybe?

- --
Bill "Bench Dawg" Flowers
Clearwater, FL

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