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[ST] Re: draggin jeans and bike shorts

> On Sun, Aug 18, 2002 at 04:13:11PM -0400, The SunFlowers wrote:
> > Dragin' Jeans are better than nothing, but personal experience let me
> > that the serious rug burn you get from kevlar rubbing on skin is only a
> > degree away from road rash.  Also the lack of armor can allow for some
> > interesting and extensive bruising.
> >
> Wow.  Interesting to hear.  Still, I think they're a better alternative
> than Levis, especially for short trips around town.  I do feel more
> secure in them when I have the knee armor in, though.

There is no question at all, based on my own personal experience, that
Draggin' Jeans are significantly better than mere Levis.  And again, based
on my own experiences, kevlar burn (aka rug burn) is much, much less
painful, heals faster and has less scarring than abrasively removing
multiple layers of skin, some of the flesh below and, in the very worst
cases (not me), some bone as well.

So, yes, if the choice is regular Levis or Draggin' Jeans, go for the
kevlar!  It really does withstand the shredding as advertised.  It did for
me while sliding down the road at a leisurely 35mph.

Hey Tom (Emberson), how for would you say I slid? At the time I was too
distracted to try and figure it out (to self: "drag that trailing foot so I
don't tumble and I'm sure glad the boot has a steel toe so it doesn't wear
right through and oh shit, oh shit, oh shit and where was that car beside
and to the right I hope I don't slide right in front of it and am I ever
gonna stop and ...").

However, again from all too personal experience, armored leather is as much
better than Draggin' Jeans as Draggin' Jeans are better than normal denim.
Minimizes or elminates bruising as well as the rug burn effect and it (along
with you inside it) survive to ride another day.

- --
Bill "Bench Dawg" Flowers
Clearwater, FL

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