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RE: [ST] buyout the total or walk away


First, major bummer about the bike, but glad to hear that you're okay.
Helmets are good!

Second, I can tell you from what I've seen on Ebay that the wheels,
swingarm, rear shock and associated mounting hardware should fetch around
$1000 to $1200, total.  If it were me I wouldn't buy the bike back unless it
was purely as a short term investment to be parted out and sold off.  I know
that you stated that it has no damage to the forks/frame but who's to say
what might turn up.  Plus the resale/trade-in value of the bike is gone if
it has a salvage title.  Not that you would want to get rid of it, but I'm
just saying that you wouldn't have much of an option.  Personally, I like to
keep mine open.

If you could get it for under a grand I'd do it and part it out on Ebay and
take the profits and use them towards a new bike.

Just my 0.02,


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