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[ST] Chain Problems


Last week I replaced my stock chain and sprockets at 17K miles.  There was a 
stuck link causing the chain to grab/jump.  I could feel a harsh clunk while 

Since losing my local dealer, and not easily being able to find a mail order 
Triumph parts supplier, I ordered an AFAM chain/sprocket set of the original 

Since changing them out, I have a similar problem.  With the bike on the 
center stand, the engine running, ant the transmission engaged, the chain 
begins to jump up and down, eventually threatening to jump the rear 
sprocket.  It also looks like it's getting enough tension to nearly stall 
the motor at idle.

I've removed and reinstalled the sprockets and chain.  I even reversed the 
direction of the chain (Mind you I only have a 100 miles on the chain).  
I've checked the alignment of the sprockets, and they appear to be good.  I 
have not had any engine work done, so the case has never been apart.  I did 
however have new tires put on at the same time, but the oscillating noise 
and feedback through the frame I get while riding is too fast for the rear 
tire to be out of balance.

I'm really hoping that the front sprocket shaft bearings aren't shot or 
something like that.

Any thoughts? Thanks,

- --Joel

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