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Re: [ST] Where did everyone go

Tom Emberson wrote:
> Y'know, now that you mention it, the FJR1300 is a likely
> replacement for the ST,

Blasphemer! :-)

I know, I know, different shafts for different folks, but the new 1300's 
seem too piggy to me for the riding I do -- I prefer something smaller 
and sportier (a/k/a Sprint ST). Now, if I started getting into more long 
distance rides, the new 1300's might make more sense to me -- and I 
wouldn't be ashamed to be seen riding one, quite unlike a Gold Wing. 
(It'd sure be nice if Triumph revised the Trophy to compete...)
- -- 
Blake Sobiloff <sobiloff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Burlingame, CA, USA

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