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Re: [ST] Chain Problems

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From: Joel Ashman <ashmite@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: ST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <ST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 23 August 2002 14:21
Subject: [ST] Chain Problems

>Last week I replaced my stock chain and sprockets at 17K miles.  There was
>stuck link causing the chain to grab/jump.  I could feel a harsh clunk

Rear wheel bearing shot? Sounds like you got a pretty good mileage from the
first chain.
If you're checking out the drive with no load on it then chains can flail a
bit - hence tensioners on cam chains.
Maybe repeat with a litle load on the brake?
Does sound a bit like the beginning of a big insurance claim though - Well I
was doing 70 on the centre stand with the brake on when the neighbours cat
came past & got caught up in the wheel & knocked it off the stand & it went
through the end wall of the garage & there was this convoy of nuclear waste
trucks going down the next street &...............

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