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Re: [ST] Finally got my ST in my garage.

> Running rich: Hmmm. Is it my imagination or are many people with 02's 
> not too thrilled with tune #13?

I don't mind it. I like the burbles and cracks on the overrun. The 
'cat with a furball' effect it gets when you wack the throttle from 
closed to open (you expect "browwwwweeeRRRRRR" and you get "Pah! Cack! 
Cack! browwwwweeeRRRRRR") is annoying at best, and dangerous at worst. 
But like the doctor says "Don't do that!"

It still does get 50 MPG (us gallons) when you take a trip at 
quasi-legal highway speeds, so it can't be too rich at reasonable RPMs.

danch ('01 BRG)

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