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Re: [ST] Finally got my ST in my garage.

Blake Sobiloff wrote:
> chuck boatwright stupidly penned with wide assumption:
>> But, I _was_ putting down the sidestand, with the bike in gear and 
>> clutch disengaged.  This is the same as hitting the kill switch.
> Er, I don't think so -- someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I 
> thought the sidestand cutout switch just cut the ignition power, not 
> power to the ECU, too.

I stand corrected.  Sidestand cutout switch doesn't kill the power to 
the ECU.

now I am back to the question, "why did the bike start at 2.5k - 3k rpm?"


enough thinking about problems, I need to go return some videos (another 
excuse to ride)

- --chuck

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