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[ST] Three Sprint sightings in VT

Anyone from this list?

Well, I actually know one for sure was Denis L of CT and his Centennial
Daytona-mounted friend Nelson. So who were the other two?

I was in Vermont this weekend with a combination of members from two riding
groups I belong to. (Triumph Riders of New England and a
www.coolgroup.org )We had our first sighting on Saturday morning at about
9:20 a.m. The rider of a Sapphire Blue ST was just exiting I-89 onto Route
100 South in Waterbury as we headed north toward Smugglers Notch. The second
was at the northern section of Route 108, near the junction of Route 105.
That one was like looking in a mirror, as it was a 00/01 Racing Yellow
Sprint RS.

Anyone we know? Next time.....JOIN US!!

Ken M.
'00 RS

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