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RE: [ST] Where did everyone go

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From: Sean Baumann
>>We all sold our triumphs and bought yamahas.<<

Sorry to hear that.

FWIW, I was riding with 1 Ducati, 3 Yamaha's and 4 Triumphs this weekend.
The fellow on the (T-309) Sprint had problems with misfiring at 5500 rpm. He
had just had his 18K mile service, and the shop failed to find and/or
correct that problem.

OTOH, the 2002 R1 with 8K miles on it had serious issues with an EXUP valve
that had the "hunting servo" problem. The 2002 R6 rider was showing us where
TWO Yamaha-supplied batteries had spilled their guts all over her bike's
swingarm and other pretty parts.

My RS (now with 33,350 miles) , Dan's '95 Trophy 4 (with over 71K miles on
it), and James' '01 Daytona (unknown mileage) all performed flawlessly. So
did the Ducati ST2, though he did report a vicious tank-slapper coming down
VT Route 17. I had no handling problems, no leaks, no misfiring, but did
finish completely wearing out a pair of Metzeler Sportec M-1 tires. And had
a GREAT weekend of riding! 963 miles in 3 days, with plently of time for
socializing around the fire with cold Coronas and Sam Adams to lube things

Ken M.
'00 RS

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