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Re: RE:Re: [ST] New list member


> Well, well well. Wasn't that a lot of fun!
Being new to this list I found it interesting.  Moving over from Ducati and
the "Big" list and "Monster" list, my lurking has been enjoyed.  I found the
Ducati lists very petty and childish more often than not.  This group is

>  I have seen new 2002's for sale at the local dealer for $7899 plus fees
> ($9300 OTR) and that sounds like a deal to me, seeing how I pid over $12k
> for my last one (w/bags, CF exhaust, etc.).
I paid 9999.00 for my 02 ST.  Traded my Monster S4 for it.  Wifey suddenly
decided she wanted to start riding with me.

> Any reliability issues with the '02's, how many miles have people got on
> new motor?
Only had mine a week, however, 1500 miles later....awsome!  Compared to a
2000 speed trpl makes more power, very smooth.  Compared to an ST4s Duc I
rode this weekend..... very similar rides/handling (ST4s turns in a little
quicker), smoother power throughout the power band from the ST.  The ST4s
has more power down low...FWIW

BTW....Hi I'm Joe.  New to the group.....

Newburgh, NY
02 Red ST

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