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RE: [ST] Bike won't start

I remember this happening ato me one time. I forget the exact conditions
that allow the starter to turn over but not start, but chech these:

Sidestand - down or up? You can start the bike with it down, but you must be
in neutral.
Gear - neutral or not? You can start in gear with the clucth disengaged as
long as the side stand is up.
Clutch - Engaged or not? I think the clutch needs to be disengaged
regardless, but I can't be sure with out actually sitting on the bike. Isn't
that funny?

Anyway, there is one combo of the above that will allow the starter to turn
over, but you'll not get any spark. Also check the kill switch, but you
obviously have that in the correct position since its turning over.

- -Chris "Snow Dawg" Strizver

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