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Re: grab rail vs strap(Re: [ST] Stupid ST Question)

On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, Randy wrote:

> I would say that I'd rather have a cool-looking seat
> cowl rather than a grab rail.  :^)

I guess it all comes down to form over function, or function over form.
Luckily the ST has a very reasonable portion of both, form and function.
Personally, I find the grab rail to be very handy for moving the bike,
getting it up on the centre stand (oops sorry about that :-) and such.

Guess it all depends if you have a bike to look pretty on when you take
that 20 minute ride, or if your going to really use the bike :-)

Thomas (aka. stirring it up again :-)

It has been fairly quiet lately, well except for the last 2 or 3 days.

 Thomas Emberson
 '01 BRG Sprint ST (last count 14 months old, 21,400 miles)
 '00 Yamaha WR400F
 sold: '98 ZX6e, '99 ZX9r, '95 EX500

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