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[ST] Snow Dawg's engine rebuild

So, my bike's been in the shop for over a month. The length of time isn't
due to dealer incompetance, rather to some irrevelant details.

Anyway, the symptoms were poor gas mileage and burning oil. The cause was
improperly seated rings. The cause of improperly seated rings is twofold: A
possible bad batch of rings and/or cylinders from the factory-- it seems
there was a VIN range that this was happening to. The second cause is a
strict adherence to the factory break-in schedule.

As it stands now, it appears that at 18K and 3 years miles Triumph is
ponying up for the parts AND labor for the new rings, cylinder rehoning, and
valve job. Won't really know until the dealer submits the paperwork and its
approved/disapproved. Saving grace is that the dealer put in some paperwork
to the factory last year that they suspected this problem on the bike AND
gave them the VIN number. Once again, Cascade Moto Classics came through for
the customer, and now its up to TOA to come through.

The bottom line is that I get new rings and cylinders and a valve job at 18K
miles, plus I'm paying for adjustable cam sprockets ($60 + 1hr labor).
Anybody have more info on how the adj. sprockets will affect performance or

When I get the bike back, I plan on a nice ride around Mt. St. Helens to
break it in. Anybody wanna come with?

Chris "Snow Dawg" Strizver
'00 Blue ST, new again at 18K miles

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