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[ST] Handlebar mods

Condition:  Abused, aging body won't tolerate the ST's
lean-forward riding position for more than an hour, even with
GenMar risers.

Solution:  Fitted Heli Bar's bar adapters [US$140.00], a longer
Trophy brake line and installed a $10.00 set of used bars [doner
m/c unknown] which have the following specs:  Width 745mm [29
3/8"]; Height 210mm [8 1/4"]; Rise 90mm [3 1/2"]; Sweep 130mm [5
1/8"].  See the Renthal website
for an illustration of how these measurements are taken.

Result:  An ST with the riding position of a 'standard'
motorcycle.  How much different is the grip location?  The grips
are even with the *top* of the tank and with the front wheel
straight, a line drawn between ends of the bars passes 50mm [2"]
forward of the gas cap outer ring.

Pros:  No problems with handling or stability & the steering is
lighter with the longer bars.  Airflow around the helmet & hands
with the Zero Gravity ST screen installed is agreeable.  My
Corbin seat is now a major improvement over the stocker.  With
stock bars it was uncomfortable.  I was able to use the stock
clutch cable by rerouting it over the top of the upper triple

Cons:  These bars have a little too much sweep, resulting in very
slight interference with the underside of the windshield side
braces and the switches just touch the sides of the tank at full
lock.  I have another set of bars to try.

Overall impression:  I'm delighted!  The riding position is much
more relaxed than a Speed Triple & I still have the ST's
character and weather protection.  Color me happy!

- -Rick in Oregon
'01 Sprint ST
"NO Dawg"

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