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[ST] Brno spoiler

Blake, Brian, Others:

Sorry guys. I wasn't thinking & won't make that mistake again. If you have 
been following MOTO GP you know I spoiled probably the second most 
uncertain outcome of a race for those who didn't see it on its first airing.

Brian, Laguna Seca was great. Kawasaki had TV ads last year where they said 
Daytona/Daytona 200/Bike Week(implied) was "Mecca" for m/c roadracing. If 
you haven't been to Laguna Seca (this was my first trip) go to Monterey & 
meet Allah face to face. He's in Cali not Fla. Guess if you ride a H-D or a 
Vulcan she's in FL? No disrespect to Allah!!

Mille enunciation: I know what it's 'spose to sound like but it just wont 
come out right. They sure are sweet. I wish I could afford a R model for a 
track only bike.  But I am lucky just to be able to 'only' own a ST. It'll 
smoke most anything(body) I encounter!


John Petrey

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