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[ST] Tires

Well, I have finally had to break down and order the new rear tire.  It has
started losing air out the plugged hole.  And due to budget, I am doing just
the back for now.  I have about 6900 miles on the bike and have decided on
the Bridgestone 020 for the rear.  And either in a couple weeks to next
spring, I will be doing the 020 for the front, too.

I really wanted to run the new Avon 45/46 on the bike and try those out, but
they are not yet available in the US.  So, maybe I can force myself to put
more miles on it next year and get a chance to mount those up sometime.

I just hope I can get more than a couple thousand miles on the bike without
picking up yet another nail (knock on wood).

Eric Mann
'91 Camaro Z28
'01 Triumph Sprint ST
'92 Accord EX

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