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[ST] for John - Mecca

 >>> He (Allah)'s in Calif not Fla. Guess if you ride a H-D or a
Vulcan she's in FL? No disrespect to Allah!! <<<

    You left out one important detail; at Laguna Seca - with it's
100,000 PAYING spectators - every manufacturer has a HUGE display of
all their current models and accessories, except one,... there is
(and I don't remember that there ever was, between 1966 and now) NO
Harley presence at all.  No tent, no models, no factory accessories,
no nothin'!  There is however a LARGE and well staffed Buell tent
with all their bikes and GOOD demo rides for all who are interested.

    I was told there were over a dozen Harleys at Laguna Seca this
year but I only personally saw three or four.

    I concede that the "Road Racing Capitol of the World") is at Isle
of Mann.
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