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[ST] Scottoiler Thanks

Hi all

This is my first post ;-)   - been riding for 20 years, everything from a 3
geared automatic step-through (Yam version of the Honda C50) at 16, through
small trials/trailies, customs (cruisers), RD350 YPVS (mad bike), CBR600F-X
and now I have grown up and bought a proper bike - A Sapphire Blue
babe-magnet. Boy do these bikes shift.

Anyhow, the reason for the post was to say a big thanks to Keith Jobson,
Phil "Black Dawg" Guy and others who posted detailed accounts of their
experiences fitting Scottoilers. I fitted one to my baby this weekend and
without their input (from the archives of this list) I would have been
seriously out of my depth. It's fitted and working and all in just under 5
hours - I still had a couple of hours of sunshine left for the obligatory
'test ride'.

thanks guys.

Stuart Clarke

Petersfield, Hants, UK.

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