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Re: [ST] Looking for info from RS owners

"Pete Berg" asked:
>Are you happy with the Triumph soft panniers?  Are they large
> enough for long-distance touring?  My dealer says that Givi is
> now offering hard panniers for the RS, but I was unable to
> confirm this on their web site.

    Triumph's bags come with well-designed tail panel protectors
which can be purchased separately---I have some on my ST.  The
soft bags fit the bike and seem well made.  Some will consider
them a bit small.  That said, there are lots of bag and
bag/tailpack options other than Triumph's.  For starters, check
out:  http://www.rka-luggage.com/ ;
http://www.chaseharper.com/ ; http://www.marseeproducts.com/ .
    Thunderbike in NZ  http://www.thunderbike.co.nz/index.htm has
wingracks to fit Givi's to the ST/RS.

> Finally, is there anyone on the list who has owned
> or ridden a BMW R1100S?

    I have and was impressed with the chassis (a bit soft but
well controlled), seating position & brakes.  Engine performance
however, was very disappionting.  There is marked vibration & I
kept waiting for the it to come up onto the powerband. . .  until
I realized it WAS on the powerband.  In short, they're gutless.
I think *any* modern Triumph would blow one away.

    You seem to be pulled in several directions here.  On one
hand, switching from ST to an RS puts you into a significantly
more crouched riding position.  The RS ergos are less radical
than the Daytona's, but not much.  Have you considered a Speed
    On the other hand you're looking at a BMW with very
'standard' ergos which many on this list would consider 'cushy'.
What sort of riding are you planning?

- -Rick in Oregon
'01 Sprint ST
"Dawg Gone" (was "NO Dawg")

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