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soft panniers(Re: [ST] Looking for info from RS owners)

On Sat, Aug 31, 2002 at 09:00:24AM -0400, Pete Berg wrote:
> 1. Panniers.  Are you happy with the Triumph soft panniers?  Are they large
> enough for long-distance touring?  My dealer says that Givi is now offering
> hard panniers for the RS, but I was unable to confirm this on their web
> site.

I have the Triumph soft bags on my ST.  They are very good.  I did
an 8 day trip to the Western Rallye with them.  Pretty much all my
clothes, change of shoes, and food fit in the soft bags, as well as
some other miscellaneous junk.  They expand out, just like and to
about the same size as the Triumph tank bag when it's fully expanded.

They also have the same rain cover system as the tank bag.  I haven't
tested their effectiveness in that regard yet, though.  

They are very securely fastened to the bike.  I had no issues with
flapping even in some pretty good crosswinds.  And they held on during
some high speed touring (and higher speed bursts) across Arizona.

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'99 ST (black)
Dallas, TX

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