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[ST] Re: for Pete - RS stuff

>>     >>> Finally, is there anyone on the list who has owned or ridden
> a BMW R1100S? <<<

>. . . was kind enough to let me take a long test ride through the hills.  I
liked everything
> about the bike except for the VIBRATION - which I hadn't expected from a

Hi Pete:

Glad to hear that you are looking for another bike and will continue riding
after the accident.

Let me give a second opinion on the R1100S.

As you'll remember, I was riding the red Daytona at the Eastern Ralley.  I
also have a BMW R1100S that I purchased new in 1999 with over 15,000+ miles
on it now.  I have the BMW hard bags, Corbin seat, Staintune under-seat
pipes, and a number of other items added.
Frankly, I love the R1100S.  I will be the first to admit that the Triumph
Sprint ST or RS is quicker, faster, stops shorter, is "smoother" and gets
better gas mileage.  But I personally love the style of the R1100S, the look
of the flat-twin engine, the ABS brakes, the underseat pipes, the carrying
capacity and durability of the hardbags, and the telelever suspension which
gives me a lot of confidence in the mountain corners.  My R1100S feels very
smooth in the 75 to 90 mph "normal" cruising speed that I ride.  I have
completed close to 1,000 miles in a day on the R1100S and have only been
able to do that on one other bike, a Honda ST1100 that was owned prior to
the R1100S.
Yes there is a vibration inherent in the BMW opposed twin motor but  I like
it.  In April 1999, RIDER magazine did a comparison of the Triumph Sprint
ST, the BMW R1100S, the Ducati ST4 and the Honda VFR.  Stating his
preference for the BMW R1100S, Clement Salvadori wrote:  " . . .while the
[Triumph, Honda and Ducati] multis were deceptively smooth; the physical
feedback of the R1100S's flat-twin power suited my particular, and perhaps
peculiar tastes, as I like to feel how hard a motor is working, how many
horses I have racing along at any given time without having to look at the

That statement expresses perfectly my thoughts on the BMW R1100S.

John Westcott
Portland, Texas
'97 Triumph Thunderbird with Watsonian sidecar
'99 BMW R1100S
'00 Triumph Daytona

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