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Re: [ST] rally(e) libations

Everybodies a comedian :)  Actually I only recently started spreading the 
word on Tarantula with free samples, see I was being selfish before, now I'm 
a better person.  I've considered pairing the spiderflask with a good single 
malt in the other, but there's just too many to chose from, maybe a sampler 
tray of somesort, hmmmm.

Steven "Dirty Dawg" Kohlscheen
On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, STeve Duncan wrote:

> Ahhhhhhh, ah-hemmmm, Bil, not a better group than our beloved T.S.R.A. 
> surely.  But then maybe you haven't been to one of our Rallye's yet?  Just 
> watch out for "Dirty Dawg" and his flask, it's a killer.  And if you see 
> Weasel or Scotty walkin around in a skirt (re: kilt) you are not 
> halucinating from the flask contents (or maybe you are)...........

There you have it, I haven't had that pleasure (well, hopefully it's
a pleasure) yet.  Did I hear the east rallye is to be sometime in August
in West By-God?  I might be able to make that if so...

However I have had the, ahem-pleasure-ahem, of bumping into Dirty Dawg at
a couple of HSTA events, so I guess that says something!  Not sure what
though! ;^{)  But I don't think he whipped out a flask either time.  I'm a
dark microbrew fan but have been know to enjoy a single malt or a cactus
squeezin' or two here and there.  I'm also not out riding with the early
risers the next day if you know what I mean!

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