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[ST] Vision+ Bulbs Performance

I wrote last week asking for help on changing the ST
headlight bulbs.  Many thanks to Bill Sanders and Steve

With their advice, I tried again to release the wire bail
holding the bulb in, after removing the wire connectors and
rubber covers.  The wire bail hooks down around behind the
locking post in a way that is not obvious until you get one
off.  As Steve said, the first takes 30 min, the second one
30 seconds.

The trick is to press the wire forward then upwards,
releasing it from the post.  In other words, push in, then
up, away from the bulb.  No need to loosen the screw holding
the wire or anything.  As they say, installing the bulb is
the reverse.

Now to repay the list for its help, I scientifically
recorded the light intensities of the stock Triumph bulbs (1
year old), with the new Phillips Vision+ (part no.
12342-VP,  60/55W).  To do the test, I used a
NIST-traceable, calibrated light meter.  Since the bike was
on the center stand in the garage, all the distances were
constant. I measured at the center of the spots at both high
and low beams, moving the meter around to find the highest
intensity, and recording that value.  The distance was about
20 ft.  The bike was running, warmed up enough to be at
constant idle, ca. 1,000 rpm.

The results were:

Stock bulbs:  low beam= 11,000 lux   high beam= 24,000 lux.

Vision+:  low beam = 15,000 lux   high beam = 26,000 lux

Thus, the low beam had a 36.4% increase relative to stock,
while the high beam had an 8.3% increase.

Not quite the "Up to 50% more light"  as claimed, but still
noticably brighter, especially on low beam, where it is used
most.  They were much brighter to the eye, although I
haven't had the bike out to see if this translates to longer
sight distances at night.  Overall, not bad though,
considering they are the same wattage.

Thanks to the list, I now know how to change a light bulb.

Rick Hartwick
00 ST


I might be looking for a Trophy 900 in the Northeast US.
Please contact me off list if you know of anything.

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