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[ST] Trip report


Okay, not much of a trip, all of 5 miles. But I wore my new boots and
rain suit this morning. The temperature is about 32 deg F outside and I
was toasty warm. Of course the first thing I did to my one piece Triumph
suit was put a hole in it.

Yup, carefully placed away from the seem in the left thigh pocket. Of
course it was for a patch cord for the Gerbing linner :-) I used d*ck
tape to hold things in place, but I am going to apply the correct
adheasive at some point.

The thing that is scary about the over suit, I got the XXL, and if you
can imagine the loop of material that goes over your should through
your legs and back, that distance is almost a bit tight on me. And of
course the legs are big enough on me to look like I jsut finished sky

But, it kept the wind off me. I could have used a bit more insulation on
the legs, but I had to turn the vest off at intersections!


 Thomas Emberson
 '01 BRG Sprint ST (last count 10 months old, 15,700 miles)
 sold: '98 ZX6e, '99 ZX9r, '95 EX500

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