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[ST] Snowboy? SNOWBOY? (was Triumph Monikers)

I wrote: 
> Whereas: It is winter in the northern hemisphere and riders are bored, 
> if not frozen, stiff.

STeve Duncan wrote: 
> Silly season is indeed in full swing, but I'm goin' Ridin' this week-end
> (sorry mr. lawler)

No need to apologize, I rode the 20 miles to work everyday this week. 
Thursday it was 15F when I left the house. And not a lick of NiChrome 
wire in my clothes and no heated hand grips. Just lots of warm clothes 
and leather.

PattiB in balmy SF wrote: 
> Speak for yourself, snowboy.  It was horribly cold here recently (down
> to the low 40s), and that didn't stop me from taking the bike out.

Snowboy?  SNOWBOY? Ooooo, you better duck, 'cause I threw a snow ball 
your way this morning! But seriously, we are in the middle of a drought 
here in the Northern NJ/NYC area and you know what that means! Noooo 
snow or ice on the roads and that means no salt or sand on the roads. 
And that means I ride to work whenever I can. Otherwise I have to get up 
earlier to catch a train, due to the single occupant vehicle ban in 
lower Manhattan between 6&10am

Tom E wrote:
> That's good STeve, kick a man when he's down.

Aw Tom, I ain't down. Just warped.

Ben Snyder wrote:

> That's not what I'd call 'horribly' cold.  I've ridden
> in as cold as 20 degree F temps, and I also have no
> heated gear, just some long johns and my snowboard
> gear (pants).

Ahhhh. My sentiments exactly!

What I wear:
Patagonia expedition weight long johns
Chuck Roast Fleece pull-over (Polartec)
The Mews Fleece neck sock (Polartec)(I can tuck that up into the helmet)
Vanson Nylon pants with soft armor
Vanson CAVE jacket (this is the same jacket that I wear in the summer 
with the zip down flaps that reveal perforated panels)
This nice set of winter riding gloves with Thinsulate (the tag fell off 
and I don't know who made them)
My year round boots
Oh yeah, and a Shoei RF-900

- -- 
Steve "Devil Dawg" Lawler
A Red Sox fan in -Ah, damnit, there's always next year.

2001 Sprint ST "Blue Devil 2"

"People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it's 
easier to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs."
                                Bumper sticker

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