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[ST] Dry Slide

     Dry Slide is sometimes sold under the name Bike Aid. It is a thin
graphite bases liquid that will not wash off your hands! You remove the top
cable and hold it in a upright position. You simply place a few drops at a
time on the cable near the top. It wicks itself down the cable, the carrier
dries, and lubricates the cable. We used it on dirt bikes for years as it
does not attract dirt when dry and improves the pull dramatically. I though
my 99 ST clutch was fine but during one of my routine go overs I applied
dry slide and it got even better. Looks expensive at around $6.00 for a six
ounce can but I've had this one almost ten years now. Look for  a small
blister pack with a white can that looks similar to the small 3 in1
rectangular cans. Hope it helps you but I still wonder why Triumph changes
to the straight lever over these great dogleg levers on the 99's. If it was
for easier clutch pull I think they missed the boat:-)

Jack "Rude Dog" Hays
"I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon"

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