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[ST] RE: Rear shocks for ST

>When asking my dealer about a fully-adjustable rear shock, he was more
than happy to recommend the Ohlins, at US$ 1100

I picked up my Ohlins late last fall from Jack Lilley; even with shipping 
the total cost was about $575US!  I am a member of Steve's price club, which 
gets you an additional 10% off retail; even with that expense I save 
significant $$$ off the best price I could find for the Ohlins in the US or 
on off the Internet.

Haven't had a chance to see if it makes any difference yet however, given my 
engine took a powder about the time I installed the Ohlins and the Race Tech 

I am picking up my SprintTona ST 955i this Saturday, newly adjusted 
supension and near new Daytona engine should yield some interesting results.

Jay Levine

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