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Re: [ST] questions before I buy a RS

On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 08:34:33AM +0100, Henk Schets wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks for the replies on the question about the decals.  Now, I would
> like to ask you guys a few extra questions.  I can buy the Sprint
> RS 2001 model for about 8700 EURO (new), a 2002 model costs 10500
> EURO.  Is the new model worth the (large) difference in price, will
> the 10hp extra make a lot of difference ? I also read a review dated
> April 2000, in which they say it's a nice bike but they complain about
> the gearing (is this the right word in english ?). Is this really a
> problem ? And my last question : how are the bags you can buy for the
> RS ? Are they high quality and usefull for a trip with my wife for,
> say, a week to France or something ?

I've heard only good things about the Triumph soft throw-over bags.
They are spacious, well-made, waterproof with the covers that are
attached to them, and reasonably priced.

Also, you can get a top-box for the RS, and they are awesome and your
passenger will appreciate not feeling like they're going to fall off the

The 2002 will have more power, granted, but the 2001's are still plenty
fast.  If it was me, I'd get the 2001 and with the money saved buy the
soft side bags, luggage rack, topbox, maybe a Triumph race can, and
possibly a tank bag.

As for the gearing, maybe they mean it's too tall with the 19tooth front
sprocket (assuming the stock RS is the same as the ST?)?  Many people go
down to an 18 tooth for more zip, but slightly increased rpms at a given

Either way, you'll have made a great choice, and you and your wife will
have a great time.  

- --
'99 ST (black)
Dallas, TX

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