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Re: [ST] questions before I buy a RS

> thanks for the replies on the question about the decals.  Now, I would 
> like to ask you guys a few extra questions.  I can buy the Sprint RS 
> 2001 model for about 8700 EURO (new), a 2002 model costs 10500 EURO.  Is 
> the new model worth the (large) difference in price, will the 10hp extra 
> make a lot of difference ?

One possible way to think about this: the 1800 euro price difference can be split into thirds. 600 you'll get back whenever you sell the bike (the '02 will always be younger and therefore worth more than the '01). The engine, shifter, and cosmetic improvements to the '02 would be worth paying 600 for. So you're really only paying 600 for the privilege of owning the '02. Given that, is it worth it?


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