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RE: [ST] Penske shock...

I'd be interested in other liSTeRS's comments as well.  I've ridden an
Ohlins-equipped ST and was very impressed with the suppleness of the
rear suspension.  I'd guess the owner's weight at 250+lbs [~100 kg],
90 lbs heavier than me and he has it set up for two-up touring but it
had a plusher, more controlled ride than my ST set up for me riding

Lance, do you crank up the preload when you ride two-up?  On my '01,
adding one turn of preload for each ~30lbs of additional load seems to
do the trick.
Rick in Oregon
'01 Sprint ST

Bryce wrote:
 I have, best $ I have ever spent on a bike period. 
Ride height adjustment is saweet.

had it on my 02' RS.  And now am putting one on my

Penske 8981, two-way adj. shock.

Good luck,


--- Lance Renshaw <lrenshaw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Who amongst us has fitted a Penske or other high-end
> aftermarket shock and what did you think of it?
> I have Race-Tech'd the front end and to restore the
> balance the back end needs stiffening...especially
> when riding two-up.

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