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[ST] Re: ST-triumphnet.com Digest, Vol 2, Issue 1

I put a Penske 8981 ($800) on earlier this year.  I've put a few thousand 
miles on the shock, I love it!  Paul says there used to be a lot more 
movement in the panniers, which is gone now.  It really makes the bike feel 
planted, at least in the rear.  I haven't done anything to the front yet. 
Paul said he'd buy me a Race Tech kit for my birthday, what a guy.

We rode up to McClellan viewpoint overlooking Mt. St. Helens yesterday. 
There were about a dozen bikes in the lot, all Harley's and Ducs, and no 
cars.  I felt very comfortable ripping around on it, though I think I should 
stiffen up the compression a little more.  I used to be able to leave Paul 
in the dust when he rode a cruiser, then he bought a Buell last year and I 
can't do that anymore.  I can keep up with him though, and I think the shock 
helps, plus I haven't scraped the pegs or fairing since putting it on.   It 
also feels a lot more plush when just cruising along.  A nice taut ride, 
though a bit too active in the forks.

Nancy in Portland
02' Triumph Sprint ST
95' Yamaha YZF600
88' Yamaha YSR50

> Who amongst us has fitted a Penske or other high-end aftermarket shock and 
> what did you think of it?
> I have Race-Tech'd the front end and to restore the balance the back end 
> needs stiffening...especially when riding two-up.
> Interested in all comments...
> Lance R.
> '03 Sprint ST
> '03 Moto Guzzi V11 LeMans Rosso Corsa
> '03 Yamaha XT225
> '05 KTM Adventure 950
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