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RE: [ST] Fork swap?

Daytona/S3: 45mm Cartridge Forks w/ three-way adjustability

ST/RS: 43mm Damper Rod Forks w/preload adjustment only

Rick in Oregon
'01 Sprint ST

>>The fork tubes are different sizes, S3 and Daytona being bigger, but

what about using an entire front end from an S3 or Daytona.  I think 
that is a bolt on, but haven't actually measured the steering head and

triple clamps.  At worst I think there would be some machining to the 
bearing races and some shims.  How about someone with a daytona
their fork clamps and steering head and someone with an RS or ST, then

post the results.  I'm taking my RS in for tires Wednesday and will
and get a measurement and ask a few questions. TimE<<

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