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RE: [ST] Penske shock...

Nancy wrote:
>>I put a Penske 8981 ($800) on earlier this year.  I've put a few
miles on the shock, I love it!  Paul says there used to be a lot more 
movement in the panniers, which is gone now.  It really makes the bike
planted, at least in the rear.  I haven't done anything to the front
Paul said he'd buy me a Race Tech kit for my birthday, what a guy.<<

I'd say he might be a keeper! 

>>We rode up to McClellan viewpoint overlooking Mt. St. Helens

Yesterday, three of us did what we call the Three Mountains Loop: 503
to Cougar past Mt. St. Helens; fr90 over towards Mt. Adams; fr23 to
Trout Lake & BZ Corner, then over to Glenwood, down Klickitat Canyon
and back home around Mt Hood via Cooper Spur Rd.  If you don't count
the moss on fr90, the patches of snow across fr23 and the torrential
downpour from Pocket Creek to Rhododendron it was a pretty nice ride
:o), about 335 mi.

Rick in Oregon
'01 Sprint ST

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