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Re: [ST] Fork swap?

It's been a few years since I bought it, but my spare front wheel for my Sprint ST should be an early(as in black painted) Daytona/t595 wheel. I made no wheel bearing changes. I know the brake rotors are the same, until they went to the 5 bolt rotors on the big Daytona, originally introduced on the 600cc line.

I seem to recall this discussion a couple years ago. It wasn't tried by anyone, because it looked like you'd have to create triple clamps to fit the larger forks to the different stem height/width, whatever you wanna call the head length, and all the math involved in making the rake & trail workout :) The T-Bird Sport fork idea died with the same questions about wheel, and brake compatability.

Steven "Dirty Dawg" Kohlscheen

Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 15:22:28 -0700
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What about the front wheel?  Also, you'd have to use the Daytona or S3
bars wouldn't you?


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At 04:24 PM 5/2/2005, you wrote:
>The fork tubes are different sizes, S3 and Daytona being bigger, but
>about using an entire front end from an S3 or Daytona. I think that
is a
>bolt on, but haven't actually measured the steering head and triple

Tim, That is definitely what the breaker guy I spoke with was talking
doing. Sorry I did not make that clear (...mention it) in my previous
Swap the forks WITH the top & bottom clamps.....would that work? Does
anyone know?


> At worst I think there would be some machining to the bearing races
> some shims. How about someone with a daytona measure their fork
> and steering head and someone with an RS or ST, then post the
> results.  I'm taking my RS in for tires Wednesday and will try and
get a
> measurement and ask a few questions.
>peter.chittum@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>Hey John,
>>I've heard there is a difference in the diameter of the forks for
>>S3/Daytona, and the ST/RS. I don't recall exactly which one is
>>bigger/smaller, but I've heard it won't fly.

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