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Re: [ST] Money time


Thanks once again to all the folks who donated time (and anything else) to the changeover of the list and website. Just got back from vacation and I'm wading my way through the 200+ messages that folks churned out while I was gone, sheesh, didn't any of you ride ;)?

$10 has been sent via Paypal - I know you've already reached your immediate goal but a rainy day fund never hurt anybody.

Keep the rubber side down,


Rupert Galea wrote:
Several people on this list (currently 348 strong) offered to help pay
for the web hosting costs. I did not want to take anyone up on this
until I felt I had actually done something. The first thing I wanted
to do was to move the site and list to a new server and create a
searchable list archive. That is now done. Rupert
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