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[ST] for Nate - ancient history

>>> Your post brings up an interesting subject, one's personal history of bikes. I'd love to hear what others have owned, and which they liked. <<<

    Jeez Nate,... we're boring people away already!  In 50+ years of riding I've had 40-50 bikes (dirt & street) between my 1930 Harley (big twin w/ buddy seat) and my 2002 RS (LSL Handlebars & Givi hard bags).  There were three that I think about frequently and with great fondness,... the 1961 BSA 650 Super Rocket, 1987 (?) Husky 430 and 1984 Honda 1000 Interceptor.  All were bought new and if I were smart enough to appreciate how great they really were, they'd still be in my garage.

I just bought 40ft. of chain and a float, if only I still had the '30 Harley, I'd have everything I need for my boat mooring! Cheers; doggydoo - - - o&\o

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