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Re: [ST] Back in the saddle + new Sprint impressions?


I haven't been on the list for long enough to have
known you from before the crash, but I've read the
updates on your condition.  It's great to hear that
you're back on two wheels after that experience!

Best to you, and happy riding!

--- Bob Nixon <bigrex@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> 1) Some know me here, others do not. My name is Bob
> Nixon from Chandler 
> Arizona (southeastern Phoenix suburb) and I've been
> mostly lurking since my 
> deer collision, last June 13th. Anyway, I nearly
> died and have a right lower 
> leg prosthetic now and after two heart attacks my
> heart's ejection fraction 
> is ~16 to 25% (normal 50 to 60%).
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