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RE: [ST] Back in the saddle + new Sprint impressions?


I don't have words here. I just lost a dear friend on another list to a freak accident and you, my friend give me hope beyond what I can express. You have always been in my thoughts and prayers and it is wonderful to hear from ya again and see you are back at it.

Hang in there and give us all the updates. I would be honored to get out and ride with you. You are an inspiration. Godspeed, my friend.

eL Donut
jinete en la tormenta

STeve Duncan

From: "Bob Nixon" <bigrex@xxxxxxx>
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Subject: [ST] Back in the saddle + new Sprint impressions?
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 19:30:47 -0700

1) Some know me here, others do not. My name is Bob Nixon from Chandler Arizona (southeastern Phoenix suburb) and I've been mostly lurking since my deer collision, last June 13th. Anyway, I nearly died and have a right lower leg prosthetic now and after two heart attacks my heart's ejection fraction is ~16 to 25% (normal 50 to 60%). Anyway Two weeks ago, I rode my 01 Sprint for the 1st time since last June. I logged maybe 200 miles that 1st week, skipped a week and last Sunday I did the local twistie ride again, (see photo link) so I guess you can say I'm back again.

I find the hardest part (mostly mental) is the initial take off. Sidestand up & pop it in first, with all my weight on the prosthetic leg. Once under way and stopping for lights is a snap as long as I just hold the clutch in & favor the left (real) leg slightly. I also have to figure a way to use the rear brake but on this type of bike, in our climate, for now, I'm doing fine without the rear. At just under 60 & considering I probably should be pushing daisy's now, life is getting better now with riding and all the exersize (walking dog, bicycling daily & YMCA three times weekly).

2) I saw both color new Sprint ST's at, "Cycle Moto", the local Triumph dealer and was impressed but most the under pinnings have not changed (folks, brakes, swingarm, ect).
Has anyone on the list bought one (who had a 99-04) and if so, what are your impressions of the new ST? I'd like to see one of the rags do a comprehensive shoot-off of all the light weigth ST's (ST4s, Sprint, VFR, Futura). Not, the Yammi as she's a porker as is the Honda ST1300.

PS. a photo of me, this last Sunday:

Bob Nixon, RED 01 Sprint ST 45K miles
03 Suzuki GSXR1000K3 dead along with the deer -:(

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