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[ST] Scooter Fan

Nothing wrong with that.  My SWMBO owned a Honda Reflex 250 and I had a blast on it.  It could do 70-75.  I was the only nut to take it on I-95 though.  WAHOO! Ride um Cowboy!  I also tried seeing how fast it could corner, and I had that thing wiggling at about 55 on a 25 posted curve.

Anyway, she now wants a Bergman 650.  I bet that'd be even more fun.  Wonder if you could drag a knee with it? ;-)

Yeah.  I'm a closet scooter fan too.

In fact, if it has wheels (motorcycle, scooter, car, bicycle, skate board, roller blades) I'll be doing something to see how fast it can go and experiment with it's and my limits.

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I admit it, I'm a closet scooter fan. I would love to own a Bergman 450!
Don't hate me because I'm practical!

Peter Chittum
'01 BRG ST
San Jose, CA, USA 
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