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RE: [ST] Scooter Fan

From: "Emile Nossin" <Emile@xxxxxxxxxx>

>From: STeve Duncan
>If I was gonna have anything to do with a scooter, this would be it.
> http://cmgonline.com/articles/CMG03/bikes/Honda/Ruckus/BigP/Ruckus_rt_side_bg.jpg

Seems big from that angle, but in real life it required a bit of
folding for my 2 meter long friend:


Yeah, I picked that shot just for the angle :--)

So, is your friend on the "little" ruckus (50cc) or the "big" Ruckus (249cc) ??

I ain't 2 meters, more like 1-3/4   :--)

eL Donut jinete en la tormenta

STeve Duncan

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