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RE: [ST] Clutch Life?

My clutch cable gave out on me last week, about 16k miles.
I didn't notice any degradation when changing gear before it went.
Here in England we have roundabouts, well I was going round the outside of a Japper when no clutch.  Felt a little pissed after getting the positioning right, the speed right, just needed one lower gear to finish him off.
Had to ride 35 miles through Baldock, Royston and Cambridge to get home.  Ran 2 red lights, very slowly, and had to loop in the road waiting for the level crossing to open.


Cambridge, England

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Just relaying my own experiences.  I put 45k miles on a '99 and have 52k 
currently on an '02, and neither gave me any indication that the clutches 
were/are wearing badly.  Infact the '02 just recently tried to 2nd gear 
power wheelie on me when I was getting on it to merge into traffic.  Ooops 
:)  Though I did just have to replace the clutch cable a week ago.  It was 
slowly breaking bundles at the lever.  That was changing the engaugement 
point.  Does that sound more like what your experiencing?

That's not to say it couldn't be happening to you though.  Components do 
sometimes fail.  Barrnett is a well know, and trusted, name in clutches.  
OEM shouldn't be bad either.  Vesrah has too racy a reputations.  But they 
do great endurance work, so they could be good too.

Steven "Dirty Dawg" Kohlscheen
How long should a Sprint clutch last assuming it hasn't been abused (no
wheelies, burn outs, etc)? I'm noticing that I don't have much range of
engagement with almost 30K miles on the clock. It's not slipping that I've
noticed. Maybe it's time for some new fiber plates perhaps? Any advice on 
plate brands besides OEM (EBC, Vesrah, etc)?


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