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Re: [ST] Clutch Life

The engagement point is with the lever nearly out. Very little movement
between there and fully out. There is a wee bit of free play at the lever,
so I don't think I've got the cable too tight. I guess I don't understand
how a stretching cable would change how the clutch engages assuming you
adjusted the cable regularly to keep the free play at the lever the same.
Maybe I'm missing something... I basically noticed it because I've been
riding my DRZ400S a lot lately and there is a big difference between the
feel of the two clutches. It *is* the original clutch cable and like I said,
I'm not noticing any slip, just that the engagement range is small. I guess
I could loosen the cable some to move the engagement point closer to the


Ah, well, that is a different deal then. Sorry, I guess I didn't follow your original posting. No, cable stretch will not cause the engaugment to go further out. Ya got me. Maybe riding the DRZ you got spoiled by it's engaugement spot *shrug* Course, I'm jealous you can have both a street and dirt bike. I'm still saving for a dirtbike. :)

Excellent acessment, Dirty one.  I agree with Stephen, check that clutch
cable first.  Even if it is not shedding strands, it could just be
stretched.  30K is a reasonable time to replace the bugger anyway.  Then see
how your clutch action is.  As for Kolscheen, I will vouch for his acumen,
he is not the easiest on the clutch, not a wheelie guy, but he doesn't
"baby" his bike either  :--)
Check the edges of his tires sometime.

What did I tell you about telling tales on me? I have a hard enough time living down my own bullsh....er ImeanImeanImean, stories.

BTW the cable was caught failing at 51,000 miles. Shame these things don't last very long. Durn unreliable British bikes, anyway.

Steven "Dirty Dawg" Kohlscheen

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