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RE: [ST] Speaking of Throttle Cable

Therefore I will be changing cable soon.

Steve, Since you obviously have gained this experience, how is it done at the handlebar end? The assembly appears sealed.


It's really a relatively simple process, even on the side of the road :-)

The handlebar end housing is a two piece unit held together by two screws. Take them out and the housing splits apart. The end of the cable then can simple be removed from the housing. You will also have to remove the front brake from the bar, that's easy, the the thing really is in the way just hangin there.

There is one "tricky" part when reinstalling. I hope this saves someone from the several minutes of frustration I experienced :-) When trying to put the bastid back together on the handlebar it seems to "almost" want to go back, but not quite. If the top half touches, the bottom is about a 1/4 inch apart, or vice versa. Frustrating. Looking at everything inside, you can see the cable has an elbow on it and where it goes. You can also see a slot and tab on the housings and how they should go together. You can get them all lined up and it STILL won't go together !!!!

Here's the tip (many of y'all probably already know this). There is a very small indent on the handlebar itself. There is a nub on the front side housing that must seat in this indent. If you line those two things up, it all goes back together, east as pie.

Hmmmmmmmmm, pie.

I like pie   :--)

eL Donut
jinete en la tormenta

STeve Duncan

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