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[ST] for Mark - elevated to a new position....

      Emile is right on when he notes:

>>> If you want practicality....., how about the Suzuki Burgman 650 <<<

I've ridden one and it's the most comfortable riding position I've ever found. Plus it goes, it handles (LOTS of ground clearance), it's user friendly and your spine is in a straight line from skull to tailbone. I was all ready to buy one when Suzuki showed the G-Strider - same idea but a 916cc twin - at the Tokyo (?) show. If they make it feet under butt, I'll buy the first one out!

>>> You'll be ridiculed by "real" motorcyclists though.... <<<

Not really,... REAL motorcyclists wave to scooters and kids on mopeds and ridicule nobody unless they're driving moving pylons - read: S.U.V (SluggishUnderpoweredVehicle).
for aronn - Actung! Das image ist verboten!!

Check your Parental Control settings;... the little muff on STeve Dunc's chin in the picture makes it look as though he's been engaging in obscene and lascivious behavior! =;o)
for Richard - throttle cable

>>> depending on how I turn my handle bars the throttle changes by either revving up or down to almost stall <<<

If it revs up at right full lock and idles down at left full lock, your cables too short or needs re-routing.

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