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RE: [ST] Off the ST...

From: Marc Danziger <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

So saw the doc yesterday, after getting a billion MRI's of my central nervous system (still looking for a brain...), and the consensus take is that I have severe degeneration and bulging of three discs in my neck (which does explain some weird neuro symptioms I've been having). It's worse in extension (head back) which means that riding a bike that leans forward is Right Out.

Dang it, I hate to hear this Marc. Godspeed in a remedy/recovery. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Looks like some other great folks here have given you some recomendations on bar options. Really hope that solves the problem, as there is no "replacement" for a Sprint :-)

eL Donut
jinete en la tormenta

STeve Duncan

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