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Re: [ST] newbie question about tank vacuum


The check engine light will come on when you disconnect the battery. It takes three complete warm up/cool down cycles (it's not enough to turn the key on and off , you need to go ride, let it cool down, go ride again...) and the light will go off unless there is something else turning the light back on again such as an engine or sensor fault.

The vacuum in the tank is not normal. On the right side of the tank behind the panel where your right knee rests should be two thin black vent hoses. One of these has a plastic valve on it. Some ST's were shipped with the valve installed backwards (or a mechanic turned it around,. or your hose may be kinked or plugged. Clear this up and the vacuum in the tank should go away.

Enjoy your RS

Dan Wallander
Albuquerque, NM

mjsizemore@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

My question has to do with the 'check engine' light. When I picked it up from the original owner, he had just put in a new battery because he has never ridden it enough to keep the thing charged, and the original battery would now be four years old.

My questions are whether the vacuum in the gas tank is normal, or do I possibly have some tank ventilator gummed up that may have caused the 'check engine' light to have come on?

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